Table of Contents

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Section I:  Introduction to Medicare
Section II:  How Original Medicare Works
Section III:  Overview of Medicare Health Coverage Options
Section IV:  Medicare Covered Services
Section V:  Types of Medicare Advantage Plans (HMOs, PPOs and More)
Section VI:  Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)
Section VII:  Medicare and Other Types of Insurance
Section VIII:  Filling Gaps in Medicare
Section IX:  Programs for People with Limited Income
Section X:  Medicare Rights and Appeals
Section XI:  Medicare Fraud and Abuse
Section XII:  Caring for Yourself or a Loved One with Medicare

I. Introduction to Medicare   ^ Top of Page

         a.  Explaining Medicare   Go to

         b.  Medicare Eligibility   Go to

II. How Original Medicare Works   ^ Top of Page

         a.  Original Medicare Defined   Go to

         b.  Enrolling in Original Medicare   Go to

         d.  Original Medicare Cost Overview   Go to

III. Overview of Medicare Health Coverage Options   ^ Top of Page

         a.  Overview of Medicare Coverage Options   Go to

         b.  Original Medicare Health Coverage   Go to

         c.  Medicare Advantage Plan Overview   Go to

         d.  Changing Medicare Health Coverage   Go to

IV. Medicare Covered Services   ^ Top of Page

         a.  Medicare Coverage Overview   Go to

         b.  Ambulance Services (Part B)   Go to

         c.  Doctor Services (Part B)   Go to

         d.  Durable Medical Equipment (Part B)   Go to

         e.  Emergency Medical Care (Part B)   Go to

         f.  Home Health Care Benefit (Part A and B)   Go to

         g.  Hospice Care Benefit (Part A)   Go to

         h.  Hospital Services: Inpatient (Part A)   Go to

         i.  Hospital Services: Outpatient (Part B)   Go to

         j.  Medicare and End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)   Go to

         k.  Mental Health Services   Go to

         l.  Prescription Drugs   Go to

         m.  Preventive Care Services   Go to

         n.  Rehabilitation/Therapy Services (Part B)   Go to

         o.  Skilled Nursing Facility Care (Part A)   Go to

         p.  Limited Coverage: Vision and Dental   Go to

V. Types of Medicare Advantage Plans (HMOs, PPOs and More)   ^ Top of Page

         a.  Medicare HMOs   Go to

         b.  Medicare PPOs   Go to

         c.  Medicare Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plans   Go to

         f.   Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNPs)   Go to

         g.  Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) plans   Go to

         h.  Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Medicare   Go to

VI. Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)   ^ Top of Page

         a.  Part D Coverage Overview   Go to

         b.  Part D Cost Overview   Go to

         c.  Enrolling in Part D and Changing Drug Plans   Go to

VII. Medicare and Other Types of Insurance   ^ Top of Page

         a.  Enrolling in Medicare when you have Other Types of Insurance    Go to

         b.  Employer Insurance and Medicare   Go to

         c.  Retiree Insurance and Medicare   Go to

         d.  Understanding COBRA   Go to

         e.  Federal Retirees   Go to

         f.  Veterans Benefits and Medicare   Go to

         g.  Medicare and Incarceration   Go to

         h.  Medicare and Living Abroad   Go to

VIII. Filling Gaps in Medicare   ^ Top of Page

         a.  Overview of Options for Filling the Gaps in Medicare   Go to

         b.  Supplemental Insurance for Original Medicare (Medigap)   Go to

         c.  Understanding Long Term Care Insurance   Go to

IX. Programs for People with Limited Income   ^ Top of Page

         a.  Overview of Help for People with Low Incomes   Go to

         b.  Medicare Savings Programs: QMB, SLMB, QI   Go to

         c.  Medicaid and Medicare   Go to

         d.  Overview of Help Paying for Prescription Drugs   Go to

         e.  The Extra Help Program   Go to

         f.  State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (SPAPs)   Go to

         g.  EPIC: The New York State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (SPAP)   Go to

X. Medicare Rights and Appeals   ^ Top of Page

         a.  Introduction to Appeals   Go to

         b.  Original Medicare Appeals   Go to

         c.  Medicare Advantage Appeals   Go to

         d.  Part D Appeals   Go to

         e.  Premium Appeals   Go to

XI. Medicare Fraud and Abuse    ^ Top of Page

         a.  Medicare Fraud and Abuse   Go to

XII. Caring for Yourself or a Loved One with Medicare    ^ Top of Page

         a.  Preparing For Your Future Health Care Needs   Go to

         b.  Getting Quality Care   Go to

         c.  Caring for a Loved One   Go to

         d.  Understanding Your Rights as a Caregiver   Go to

         e.  Information About Your Loved One   Go to

         f.  Resources for Caregivers   Go to