Does my state have a program to help me with my prescription drug costs?

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Many states offer a state pharmaceutical assistance program (SPAP) to help their residents pay for prescription drugs. Each program works differently.

Many states coordinate their drug assistance programs with Medicare’s drug benefit (Part D). If you do not have Part D but qualify for your state’s SPAP, you will have the chance to sign up for Part D, and may be required to enroll in a Part D plan. If a drug is covered by both your SPAP and your Part D plan, both what you pay for your prescriptions plus what the SPAP pays will count toward the out-of-pocket maximum you have to reach before your Medicare drug costs go down significantly. Your SPAP may also help pay for your Part D plan’s:

  • premium;
  • deductible;
  • copayments; and/or
  • coverage gap. (Many SPAPs give you coverage during your Part D plan’s coverage gap or doughnut hole.)

Click on the MI Extra chart below to find out if your state has an SPAP, whether you are eligible, how the SPAP works, and how to enroll.



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