Government programs that can help pay for health care and prescription costs

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There are a number of government programs that may help if you qualify.

Are you having trouble paying for health care costs even though you have Medicare?

Veterans Benefits: If you qualify for health benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the VA system may provide you health care and prescription drugs at the lowest cost.

Low-cost health centers and clinics: You will pay less for Medicare-covered services if you receive them through low-cost health centers and clinics in your state.

Do you need help paying for prescription drugs?

Extra Help is a federal program that helps you pay for some or most of the costs of Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D). You may be eligible for Extra Help if your monthly income is up to $1,459 ($1,967 for couples) in 2014 and assets are below $13,070 ($26,120 for couples). If you have Medicaid, a Medicare Savings Program or receive Supplemental Security Income, you will get Extra Help automatically, and you do not need to apply. You can apply for the Extra Help program through the Social Security Administration or your local Medicaid office.

State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (SPAPs) are offered in some states to help pay for prescriptions. Most SPAPs have income guidelines. Many also require you to enroll in the Medicare prescription drug benefit (Part D) and to apply for Extra Help. SPAPs generally pay or help you pay the Medicare drug coverage premiums and cost-sharing, as well as costs in the coverage gap. Some may also pay for drugs that are excluded from Medicare drug coverage or are not included in your Medicare drug plan’s formulary.

    Note: There are other programs that can help you pay for your prescriptions.



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Ms. L qualified for a Medicare Savings Program but never received the benefit.

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