How much will Medicare pay if I am in the hospital?

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After you pay a deductible each benefit period, Original Medicare will cover you in full for days 1 to 60 that you are in a hospital. For days 61-90, you pay a daily coinsurance. Medicare pays for up to 60 additional hospital days in your lifetime with a high daily coinsurance, after you have used up your 90 days of hospital coverage in a benefit period.

After you use up your 60 lifetime reserve days, Medicare will no longer pay for any coverage until you start a new benefit period.

A benefit period begins when you enter a hospital or a skilled nursing facility, and ends when you have been out of the hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF), or stop receiving Medicare-covered skilled services at the SNF, for at least 60 days in a row.

If you buy any Medicare supplemental insurance policy (Medigap plans A-L) it will pay all your hospital coinsurance plus provide up to 365 additional lifetime reserve days. Plans B-J also pay your full hospital deductible.



Case Examples
After being in a VA hospital, Mr. F wanted to transfer to a Medicare-certified facility.

Ms. Z needed more than 100 days of skilled nursing facility care.

Mrs. P wanted to know how much a hospital stay would cost with Original Medicare.

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