What do I have to pay for services covered under Medicare Part A?

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Medicare Part A Costs
  In 2014 You Will Pay...
Monthly Premium Nothing if you or your spouse worked for 10 years or more in the U.S.
$234 if you or your spouse worked between 7.5 and 10 years in the U.S.
$426 if you or your spouse worked fewer than 7.5 years in the U.S.
Inpatient Hospital Care $1,216 deductible for each benefit period
No coinsurance for days 1 to 60
$304 daily coinsurance for days 61 to 90
$608 daily coinsurance for 60 lifetime reserve days
Skilled Nursing Facility Care No deductible for each benefit period
No coinsurance for days 1 to 20
$152 daily coinsurance for days 21 to 100
Home Health Care No deductible or coinsurance
Hospice Care No deductible
Small copayment for outpatient drugs and inpatient respite care

Medicare does not cover all health care services.

Case Examples
Mrs. P wanted to know how much a hospital stay would cost with Original Medicare.

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