Helping your loved one manage their medications can be very complicated. You want them to have access to the best treatments, but finances may be limited and insurance can be tricky. And then there’s the matter of helping your loved one remember which medicines to take when.

Managing medications is a really a two-step process. It involves

  • helping your loved one keep track of their prescriptions and take medications as directed; and
  • managing costs: making sure your loved one is getting the best deals on prescriptions and knows where to go to get financial assistance if they need it.

Medicare offers prescription drug coverage (Part D). This coverage is available through private companies. In order to get this coverage, your loved one must choose and sign up for a plan. This benefit is optional. Whether your loved one should sign up for Medicare drug coverage, and whether this coverage will save their money, depends on the quality of their current coverage and how well it coordinates with their other benefits.