Part of managing a drug regimen is managing the costs. You can help your loved one keep their costs down by using common sense solutions, knowing the insurance options, and knowing where to go for financial assistance. Below is a list of suggestions and resources you can use:

Ask About Alternatives

  • If the doctor prescribes a brand-name drug, ask if a generic option is available.
  • If the doctor is prescribing a medication that is not covered by your loved one’s insurance, ask if there is an equally effective drug that is covered.
  • Ask about free samples.
  • Shop around. Pharmacy prices can vary widely. Note: If your loved one has a Medicare private drug plan (Part D), make sure that the plan works at pharmacy you decide to buy from.

Examine Drug Coverage Options

  • If your loved one has insurance to help pay for their prescriptions, help them review their plan to make sure it covers the drugs they take and the pharmacies they use. Also make sure that the plan’s monthly premiums and deductibles are manageable. If not, you may want to help them review their options.
  • There are a number of ways your loved one can get drug coverage. They may get Part D from a stand-alone plan, from a Medicare Advantage Plan, from a union or former employer, from the Veteran’s Administration, or from a state pharmaceutical assistance program.

Getting Help

  • If your loved one has limited resources, there are many options to help them pay for the cost of prescription drugs. Which programs your loved one qualifies for depends on their income, assets, and what other insurance they hold.