If your loved one has trouble with basic daily tasks, like getting to the store and preparing meals, there may be organizations or agencies in your area that can assist. You will have to do some homework to find the correct services for your loved one. Some places to try:

  • Medicaid: Most state Medicaid programs cover some services that can help your loved one with basic daily tasks. Your loved one may qualify for Medicaid if they have income and assets below a certain level.
    • Area Agency on Aging (AAA): These agencies can suggest services and may offer free counseling.
      • Local senior centers: These centers may have programs that can deliver meals, provide transportation and shopping assistance, and offer case management. To find senior centers in you are, call your local AAA.
      • Houses of worship, such as churches or synagogues.
      • Yellow pages: Look under such headings as senior, elder, aging, or under the particular service you’re looking for such as meal delivery or laundry.
      • 211: In areas where this phone service is available, you can call 2-1-1 and ask for referrals to community services in your area.