You do not need a lawyer to create a health care proxy or living will, but you may want to use one if you have unusual wishes or there are disagreements between family members.

  • Each state has specific requirements for what information must be included in the documents (including the number and type of witness signatures) to be recognized.
  • Most states have forms you can use to create health care proxies and living wills -in some cases one form serves both purposes- but most do not require that you use those forms specifically. You can use a standardized form and tailor it to your specific needs as long as it meets all of your state’s legal requirements. You should make sure you review these documents fully and discuss the contents with your assigned proxy and loved ones.

You should consult with a lawyer to obtain a power of attorney document that names someone to be in charge of your finances.

  • The document needs to be tailored to your individual needs and be drafted with precise legal language.