Eligibility for Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) has expanded for New Yorkers in 2023. MSPs pay for your monthly Medicare Part B premium and may provide other cost assistance.

If you live in New York and have a limited income, you may be newly eligible to receive help with your health care costs through an MSP in 2023. If you are currently enrolled in the program, you may receive more benefits in 2023.

The table below includes the eligibility limits for the MSP and Medicaid in 2023.

2023 New York gross monthly income limits
Individuals Couples
QI $2,280 $3,077
QMB $1,697 $2,288

These limits are based on the 2023 federal poverty level (FPL) and include a standard $20 disregard. In 2023, the QMB limit increases from 100% FPL to 138% FPL. SLMB has been eliminated. QI increases from 135% FPL to 186% FPL.

Note: The income and asset limits for Medicaid are also increasing in 2023.

If you meet the income limits above, the Medicare Rights Center can help you apply for an MSP in 2023. Call 800-333-4114 for more information or to apply. If your income is close to the limit, it is often worth applying.