You can receive home health care coverage under either Medicare Part A or Part B. Under Part B, you are eligible for home health care if you are homebound and need skilled care. There is no prior hospital stay requirement for Part B coverage of home health care. There is also no deductible or coinsurance for Part B-covered home health care.

While home health care is normally covered by Part B, Part A provides coverage in certain circumstances after you are in a hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF). Specifically, if you spend at least three consecutive days as a hospital inpatient or have a Medicare-covered SNF stay, Part A covers your first 100 days of home health care. You still must meet other home health care eligibility requirements, such as being homebound and needing skilled care. You also must receive home health services within 14 days of your hospital or SNF discharge to be covered under Part A. Any additional days past 100 are covered by Part B. Regardless of whether your care is covered by Part A or Part B, Medicare pays the full cost.