Part A covers medically necessary inpatient hospital care, which is care that you receive as a formally admitted hospital inpatient. You must be formally admitted into the hospital by a physician in order for your care to be considered inpatient hospital care. You may face different costs if you are a hospital outpatient. If you are a hospital inpatient, Part A covers:

  • A semi-private room and meals
    • Note: A semi-private room is a hospital room that contains two or more beds (generally just two), usually with a curtain separating the beds
  • General nursing care
  • Medically necessary medications
  • Other hospital services and supplies

Medicare does not cover:

  • Private duty nursing
  • A private room (unless medically necessary or if it is the only room available)
  • Personal care items (such as razors or socks)
  • A television or telephone in your room

After meeting your Part A deductible, Original Medicare pays in full for the first 60 days of your benefit period. After day 60, you will pay a daily hospital coinsurance. Part B continues to cover any outpatient provider services you receive while in the hospital. You usually owe a separate 20% coinsurance for these services.