Yes, Medicare Part B helps pay for partial hospitalization for mental health treatment. Partial hospitalization is a type of care in which you receive treatment in the hospital on a part-time basis, either only during the day, only at night or only during weekends. Partial hospitalization provides care that is more intensive than outpatient mental health care but less than inpatient care. In a partial hospitalization program, you will follow a plan of care tailored to your needs. Services may include:

  • Individual or group therapy;
  • Occupational therapy;
  • Prescription drugs that you cannot administer yourself;
  • Activity therapies, such as art, dance or music therapy, when they are used to help you meet the goals of your plan of care;
  • Family counseling that primarily supports your treatment (not that helps primarily with the general well-being of the family );
  • Training and education closely related to your plan of care; 
  • Services needed to diagnose your condition and evaluate your care.

Partial hospitalization programs may be offered by hospital outpatient departments and local community mental health centers.

For a partial hospitalization program to be covered by Medicare:

  • a doctor must certify that you:
    • would otherwise need inpatient treatment; or
    • have recently been discharged from inpatient care and need partial hospitalization to avoid a relapse in your condition; and
    • less intensive treatment options (such as outpatient therapy) would not be enough to help you avoid hospitalization and
  • the program must be Medicare-certified.