Medicare Part B covers care management for chronic conditions. The goal of care management is to provide you with high-quality, coordinated care to better maintain your health and functioning.


You are eligible for Medicare coverage of care management if you have two or more chronic health conditions. A chronic health condition is a health issue that may last at least 12 months, and which places you at significant risk of functional decline or death. Examples include arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and heart disease.

Chronic care management services may include:

  • Development of a plan of care by a health care professional or team of professionals
  • At least 20 minutes per month of care management services
  • Increased care coordination among your providers, pharmacies, and other facilities
  • Regular check-ins with you between doctor’s office visits
  • Continuous emergency access to a health care professional

Note: This benefit is separate from the care coordination you can receive after an inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF) stay.


You may pay a monthly fee for care management services. Original Medicare cost-sharing (deductibles, copayments/coinsurances) also applies.