Medicare covers blood tests every five years to test cholesterol, lipid and triglyceride levels.

Heart disease is also referred to as cardiovascular disease. Original Medicare will pay 100% of its approved amount for these tests, even before you have met the Part B deductible. You will not pay a copay or a deductible for these screenings if you see doctors or other health care providers who take assignment. Doctors who take assignment cannot charge you more than the Medicare approved amount. You do not need to show signs of heart disease or have any particular risk factors for Medicare to cover the full cost of these tests.

Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans cover all preventive services the same as Original Medicare. This means MA Plans will not be allowed to charge cost-sharing fees (coinsurances, copays or deductibles) for preventive services that Original Medicare does not charge for as long as you see in-network providers. If you see providers that are not in your plan’s network, charges will typically apply.