When you receive your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) or your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) if you are in a Medicare Advantage Plan, look at it carefully to make sure that you actually received all the services listed. Sometimes this can be hard to do if you received services from several doctors at the same time.

Be suspicious of people who:

  • Tell you they represent Medicare and want to offer you a service for free
  • Call you or visit your house to offer services or equipment
  • Offer free consultations only to people with Medicare and ask for your Medicare number

At your doctor’s office
If you have Original Medicare, your doctor should not:

  • Charge you for most preventive services
  • Offer tests or other services that you don’t need, especially if the doctor says that the more tests you receive, the cheaper they are
  • Not charge you a coinsurance each time: doctors can sometimes not charge a coinsurance if a patient is in great financial need, but they should not do this routinely

Durable Medical Equipment
If you have returned your equipment, your supplier should not continue to charge Medicare for rental fees or maintenance. Look at your MSN or EOB carefully to make sure this is not happening.