Medicare Part B costs
In 2024, you will pay:
Monthly premium $174.70 if your annual income is below $103,000 ($206,000 for couples). People with high incomes have a higher Part B premium.
Annual deductible $240
Doctor and other medical services 20% if your provider accepts assignment. If your provider does not accept assignment, federal law allows them to charge up to 15% above Medicare’s approved amount.
Outpatient hospital care Coinsurance or copayment (copay) that can be no higher than the Part A hospital deductible ($1,632 in 2024)
Home health care Nothing
Clinical diagnostic lab services Nothing
Other diagnostic tests and x-rays 20% (Copies of x-rays are not covered.)
Diabetes self-management supplies (glucose monitors, lancets, test strips) 20%
Durable medical equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, hospital beds) 20%
Physical therapy services 20%
Ambulance services 20%
Chiropractor services 20%
Outpatient mental health services 20%
Annual Wellness Visit Nothing
Preventive care You pay nothing for many preventive care services that are recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. There may be copays and deductibles for some preventive services.

The above chart includes common services and items covered by Medicare. It is not a complete list.

Medicare does not cover all health care services.