In New York State, all Medicare beneficiaries are eligible for continuous open enrollment for Medigap policies. This means insurance companies:

  • Must sell you a Medigap policy at any time, no matter your age or health status
  • Cannot deny you coverage or charge you more because of your health status
  • Must sell to people with Medicare who are under 65, as well as to those over 65

Note: Some Medigap policies are issued by groups and available only to members of that group. For example, an employer may offer a Medigap plan to former employees. You may be ineligible for a specific Medigap if you are not a member of the group administering the policy.

Medigap premiums in New York are no-age-rated (community-rated). This means that your Medigap premiums vary depending on where in New York you live but are unaffected by your age or health status.

Make sure you’re aware of the exact costs of Medigap policies in New York. This chart is updated monthly and the premiums are taken from the New York State Department of Financial Services.