If you are interested in changing from a Medicare Advantage Plan to Original Medicare, first learn when you are allowed to do so. You can only change how you get your Medicare coverage during certain times of the year (known as enrollment periods). Typically, you will only be able to make changes during the Fall Open Enrollment Period, Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period(MADP),  or if you have a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).  

To leave a Medicare Advantage Plan and ensure that the change is reflected immediately, call 1-800-MEDICARE directly and ask the Medicare representative to disenroll you from your Medicare Advantage Plan. You will be automatically enrolled in Original Medicare when you disenroll.

Note: You can also disenroll by calling your Medicare Advantage Plan directly, but it might take longer for your request to be processed.

You are limited in when and how often you can change your Medicare Advantage Plan during the year (this is known as lock-in).