If you are interested in changing Medicare Advantage Plans, first learn when you are allowed to do so. You can only change Medicare Advantage Plans during certain times of the year (known as enrollment periods).

During an enrollment period, if you want to change Medicare Advantage Plans, you should compare the plans available in your county. When choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan, make sure to look at all the costs, not just the premium. Before signing up with any plan, make sure you doctor is part of the plan’s network.

Once you choose a new plan, you should usually enroll in it without disenrolling from your old plan. It is best to enroll in the new plan by calling 1-800-MEDICARE, rather than enrolling through the new plan. You will be automatically disenrolled from your old Medicare Advantage Plan when your new coverage starts.

Unless you are enrolling in a new plan during Fall Open Enrollment  which is between October 15 and December 7 of every year. Your enrollment will usually be effective the 1st of the month after your completed enrollment form is received. For example, if the Medicare Advantage Plan receives your enrollment form on May 28th, your new coverage under the plan will be effective on June 1st and you will be disenrolled from your old plan as of May 31st.

If you enroll during Fall Open Enrollment your coverage will be effective January 1 of the following year. You can make as many changes as you would like during this period, but the last change you make will be the one to take effect.