There are different ways to get your Medicare benefits. It is important to understand your Medicare options because the way you choose to get your Medicare benefits will affect the care you get. For example, depending on how you get your Medicare benefits, you may only be able to see certain doctors and you may have to get permission before you can access certain health services.

  • If you know more about how Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans can work, you will be better equipped to choose the option that works the best for you.
  • If you understand how different plans work, you will be more likely to get your care covered. Plan rules for when and where you can get care can greatly affect how much you pay for services. When exploring your coverage options, it is especially important to check whether you will be covered to go to your preferred hospitals, doctors and pharmacies and whether you need to get official permission from the plan (prior authorization) before services will be covered.
  • Understanding your Medicare options can save you money. Knowing your options may make it easier for you to find a plan that meets your health needs and is affordable for you.
  • If you understand your coverage options and choose well, you will have better coverage over the course of the year. In most cases, you can only change how you get Medicare benefits at certain times of the year. Because of this, it is especially important to make careful coverage choices.