This level serves as a gateway to understanding Medicare. Throughout introductory MI Pro Level 1 courses, you will learn common insurance and health care terms, gain an understanding of Medicare eligibility requirements, and receive a broad overview of the fundamental components of Medicare. Preview courses by clicking on individual course titles below.

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NEW CFP® practitioners can learn the fundamentals of Medicare and earn continuing education hours. Visit to find out more about these two programs: Medicare Intensive for Financial Planners (17 CE hours) and Medicare Overview for Financial Planners (5 CE hours).

NEW Social workers in many states can learn the fundamentals of Medicare and earn continuing education hours. Visit to learn more about the Medicare Intensive for Social Workers (14 CE hours).

  1. Level 1: Medicare Basics

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  2. Course 1: Health Insurance Terms

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    This course marks the beginning of your journey in navigating the world of Medicare. First you will become familiar with health insurance terms and concepts that are essential to understanding Medicare. You will use this vocabulary to access and describe more complicated topics as we move through the MI Pro core curriculum. Terms and concepts we’ll cover include premiums, deductibles, coinsurances, copayments; distinctions between private and public health insurance; the three categories of providers for Original Medicare; differences between in-network and out-of-network for Medicare Advantage Plans; non-doctor types of health care providers; differences between hospital inpatients and outpatients; kinds of Medicare-covered therapy and types of care; and important notices that Medicare beneficiaries will receive before or after receiving a health care service or item.
  3. Course 2: Medicare Overview

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    Medicare is a complex and evolving program. This course provides a basic introduction to this health insurance program for individuals 65 and older and people with certain disabilities, with a look into the different parts of the program. You’ll learn how Medicare can be administered publicly (Original Medicare) or privately (Medicare Advantage) and explore program eligibility rules for individuals due to age or disability, including coverage for individuals with ALS and End-Stage Renal Disease. We’ll also review the roles of the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and see how the Medicare and Medicaid programs can work together.
  4. Course 3: Medicare Options

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    In this course, you will learn how to make an informed decision about Medicare coverage, first by learning the two different ways that Medicare benefits are offered: through Original Medicare administered directly through the federal government and through Medicare Advantage Plans offered by private insurance companies that contract with the federal government. We will talk about the broad categories of care, program costs, and excluded services under Original Medicare, and then see how Medicare Advantage Plans must cover all the same services, but may do so with different costs, restrictions, and additional benefits. You will also learn about Medigap supplemental policies and public benefits available to help those with lower incomes afford care.
  5. Course 4: Enrollment Periods

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    This course focuses on important Medicare enrollment periods, which are times during the year when an individual can sign up for Medicare for the first time or make changes to existing Medicare coverage. We will also review the penalties that one can incur for not enrolling in Medicare when first eligible, underscoring the importance of making timely Medicare decisions and helping individuals consider their coverage options. Enrollment periods covered in this course include the Initial Enrollment Period, General Enrollment Period, Special Enrollment Period, and Fall Open Enrollment Period.
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