This Special Topics Module discusses hospital transitions for Medicare beneficiaries. Through the module’s three courses, you will learn about the landscape that people with Medicare and their families must navigate when transitioning out of a hospital stay to a skilled nursing facility, back home, or to a hospice facility. You will learn how you and your colleagues can help ease these transitions. All three module courses contain information about federal and New York State Medicare requirements for patient admission and discharge. You also will learn about Medicare’s recommendations and best practices for helping ensure positive health outcomes for your patients. Each course contains important tips for professionals, as well as teaching materials that can assist patients in understanding Medicare’s coverage of hospital stays.

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  1. Special Topics Module: Medicare and Hospital Care Transitions

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  2. Course 1: Medicare and Hospital Care

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    This course discusses Medicare coverage of hospital care, focusing on the difference between inpatient and outpatient hospital stays. You will learn how Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans cover inpatient and outpatient stays, and why it is important for patients to understand this difference.
  3. Course 2: Medicare and Hospital Discharge Planning

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    This course reviews the hospital discharge process for Medicare beneficiaries, and the role of health care providers in this process. We will outline Medicare’s requirements for discharge evaluations and discharge plans, and discuss how to help patients effectively implement their plans.
  4. Course 3: Medicare and Post-Hospital Care

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    This course covers Medicare costs and coverage of post-hospital care, namely outpatient therapy services, skilled nursing facility care, home health care, and hospice care that a patient might receive post-discharge. You will learn how Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans cover each type of care.
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