Ms. B was receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and had Medicaid when she became eligible for Medicare. A Medicare representative told her that Medicaid would automatically enroll her into a Medicare Savings Program (MSP) and that the program would pay her Part B premiums. However, six months later, she received a letter from Social Security informing her that her Part B benefits had been terminated because of non-payment of her premiums.

What To Do:

Ms. B called Social Security and informed the representative that she had Medicaid and Medicare. The representative found out that there was a mistake in Social Security’s database and was able to correct it. Ms. B got her Part B coverage back a few weeks later and Medicaid has been paying for her Part B premiums ever since.

If Social Security had been unable to help, Ms. B could have also called her local Medicaid office and ask about her Medicare Savings Program. Medicaid must communicate with Social Security to ensure that the Medicare Savings Program is paying the Part B premium. 

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