Mr. D’s 82-year-old father is still working and has insurance through his job. So, he turned down Medicare Part B. He did enroll into Medicare Part A. He was recently hospitalized and then sent to a skilled nursing facility (SNF). Mr. D discovered that his father’s employer policy had very limited coverage for SNF care. Mr. D became concerned that his father would need Part B in order to get the care he needed.

What To Do:

Mr. D called 800-MEDICARE. A representative told him that SNF care should be covered under Mr. D’s Medicare Part A. The representative also advised that Mr. D should find out whether he would need any other services while staying at the SNF (such as outpatient doctors’ services covered by Part B). He should see if these are covered by his father’s employer plan. If his insurance doesn’t cover them, the counselor also informed Mr. D that his father might consider joining Part B. Mr. D was eligible for a special enrollment period because he has insurance from a current employer. Mr. D decided to discuss his options with his father and the SNF staff.

For more information on when to enroll into Medicare Part B, please click here.

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