What is an Annual Notice of Change?

By Jay Johnson | August 7, 2017

Dear Marci,

Last year I received an Annual Notice of Change from my Medicare Advantage Plan. Will I get one this year? What should I do with it?

– Emmanuel (Springfield, MO)

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Does Medicaid cover nursing home care?

By Jay Johnson | June 26, 2017


Dear Marci,

I’d like to see if my mother is eligible for Medicaid. How would she register for the program, and would she be eligible for nursing home care?

– Aariz (Lansing, MI)

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What is Extra Help?

By Jay Johnson | May 30, 2017


Dear Marci,

I am new to Medicare. My income and assets are on the low side and I’m having difficulty paying for my prescription drugs. A neighborhood counselor told me about Extra Help. Do you think this is something for me?

– Stefano (Rock Springs, WY)

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What can I do about Medicare fraud?

By Jay Johnson | May 15, 2017


Dear Marci,

I just looked at my mother’s latest Explanation of Benefits, and her equipment supplier is continuing to bill Medicare for a knee CPM machine that my mother rented after a fall, but has since returned. Should I look into this further, both to protect my mother and to avoid scamming Medicare?

– Karen (Rock Springs, WY)

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What are Medicare Savings Programs?

By Jay Johnson | May 2, 2017


Dear Marci,

I recently enrolled in premium-free Part A, but learned that I will have to pay a premium for Part B. Could I get some information on Medicare Savings Programs, which I’m told would cover my Part B premium?

– Toshio (Philadelphia, PA)

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Infographic: Trusted Medicare Resources

By Alison Hamburger | March 29, 2017


The “Trusted Medicare Resources” infographic makes it easier to identify the national, state, and community Medicare resources that help you navigate Medicare.

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