Does Medicare pay for care in a rehabilitation hospital?

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Yes, if you qualify for Medicare-covered care in a rehabilitation hospital, your out-of-pocket costs will be the same as for any other hospital stay. If you enter a rehabilitation hospital after being an inpatient at a different hospital, you will still be in the same benefit period.

Rehabilitation hospitals are specialty hospitals (or parts of acute care hospitals) that offer intensive inpatient rehabilitation therapy.

You may need inpatient care in a rehabilitation hospital if you are recovering from a serious illness, surgery or injury and require a high level of specialized care from a team or medical professionals that generally cannot be provided in another setting (such as in your home or a skilled nursing facility).

Examples of common conditions that may qualify you for care in a rehabilitation hospital include stroke, spinal cord injury or brain injury. You will be less likely to qualify for care in a rehabilitation hospital if you are recovering from hip or knee replacement and have no other complicating condition.

If you do not qualify for Medicare-covered care in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, you may qualify for rehabilitation care from other types of providers, such as a skilled nursing facility, a home health agency or in an outpatient setting.

Medicare-covered services offered by rehabilitation hospitals include:

  • Medical care and rehabilitation nursing
  • Physical, occupational or speech therapy
  • Social worker assistance
  • Psychological services
  • Orthotic and prosthetic services

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